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India Nepal

India Nepal

Current scenario in Nepal

  • 2nd CA still over the basic topics like what type of government Nepal needs, political system, federalism

Perception of India’s role

  • One view suggests that India should play a role of mediator and should interfere since peace process in 2005 was facilitated by interference of India only
  • Other view suggests that India should stop interfering in internal matters of Nepal and should open space for other nations to support Nepal in taking crucial decisions about their future

Developments from Ms Swaraj visits

Ms Swaraj chaired 3rd Joint Commission and discussed over six dozen bilateral issues which include

  • Peace and friendship treaty, 1950
  • Cooperation in security related issues
  • Set up an agriculture university
  • Hydropower plants
  • Pipeline and etc

Trust deficits

  • India’s poor record on the delivery front
  • No timeline for completing the negotiations for Project development Agreement and Power Trade Agreement

Missed opportunity

  • India could have offered some gift to Nepalese like trains from Delhi and Bangalore to Nepalese border, exemption to Nepalese students and patients from paying in US dollars during treatment in India, cold storage and grainaries in Nepal etc

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