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Indo-Bangladesh maritime disputes resolved


- India and Bangladesh maritime boundary dispute between the end of three decades has been released.

- A UN tribunal nearly 80 percent share of the disputed region, Bangladesh has decided to give up.

- Decision under dispute between the two countries caught in the Bay of Bengal 19,500 km of the 25,000 square kilometers    of terrain. Bangladesh has an area of km and about six grand. The area came in part of India.

   The main points of decision

- The court maritime boundary in the Bay of Bengal, between Bangladesh and India has pulled.
7516 square Bangladesh (19,500) marine area has been.

- Bangladesh will now discover oil in the Bay of Bengal.

- Maritime border dispute between India and Bangladesh at the end of increasing mutual understanding and goodwill.


- The Bay of Bengal will benefit from the economic development of both countries. 

- Ongoing maritime border dispute with India, Bangladesh maritime law of the United Nations in 2009 was raised on the international tribunal.

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