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Gandhi Peace Prize: environmentalist Chandi Prasad Bhatt

- Chandi Prasad Bhatt Ryavarnvid Gandhi Peace Prize for 2013
- By the government in 1995 on the occasion of 125th birth anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi Peace Award was introduced.

- 80-year-old barber, a social worker who has worked on the principles of Gandhi.

- "This annual award is given to those individuals and entities from non-violence and other Gandhian methods of social, economic and political changes that contribute."

- The award is given a sum of Rs.
- Former President of Tanzania, Dr award recipients. Julius Nyrere, shramdan Sarvodaya movement in Sri Lanka, the founder Chairman. AT Ariyartne include Archbishop Desmond Tutu of South Africa. Baba Amte, Nelson Mandela and the Grameen Bank of Bangladesh has been given the award jointly.

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