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Judicial Appointments Commission Bill

- Supreme Court and High Court judges in the collegium system for appointment of twenty-year-old will become       history. So is the Constitution Amendment Bill was introduced.

- Judicial Appointments Commission Bill was passed in the Lok Sabha.

- According to the new bill for the appointment of judges appointed six-member judicial commission will be    formed.

- The Commission will recommend to the President to appoint judges and transfer.

- Chief Justice of the country in addition to the Commission, law minister, two senior most judges of the Supreme   Court and has two independent eminent persons.

- Independent members elected prime minister, the country will consist of the Chief Justice and the Leader of the    Opposition, whose term will be for three years.


Note: - if any two people in six of the Judicial Commission objected to a name that would stop the appointment of judges.

- Judicial Appointments Commission appointment and transfer of judges from becoming transparency will be applied.
- The biggest challenge is that the democratic system of government Marabut objectivity and independence of the judiciary must be upheld at all costs.

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