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'Digital India: - (quoted from the speech of the Prime Minister)

- Digital India 'poor' to the everyday lives of people in remote education, health and government services is one means of delivering effective.
- Digital India it is the fantasy of delivering modern facilities to the poor.
- Broadband connectivity to India to join the village and the village school of distance education can finally end.

- Not reach the doctor, if you can stand the telemedicine network of medical facilities for the poor in remote areas can be spread and treatment of the poor in the direction of how to go get his guidance.
- Via mobile phone to mobile governance can be. The poor man can operate bank account from your mobile. He demanded from the government to his stuff, he can submit your application, your whole business could go mobile governance.

- Digital India through the country 'e-Governance' (Internet service via the government) can come round.
- E-governance, the EG governance, effective governance and the governance Ikonamicl.
- E-governance official work easy, effective and inexpensive medium. E-Governance, Good Governance (Good Governance) is the way to go.

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