Civil Service Prelims GS II

General Studies II (CSAT) acts as a screening test or a gateway pass for the Mains Examination. With this new addition, UPSC has added an application based dimension particularly to upgrade candidates’ ability to administer better and make a pace in the Indian Administration.


General Studies II (CSAT) is an aptitude test that calls for traits like decision making, problem solving, reasoning judgement, public relation, test of understanding, diplomatic administration, language comprehension and usage skills. In the process of CSAT preparation, a candidate gets ready for a faster and better administration.


Thus introduction of General Studies II (CSAT) in the UPSC PT exam, attempts to select a candidate for the Indian Administration on the basis of the candidate’s overall ability in the social and mental decision making.


Syllabus of General Studies Paper II (CSAT)

·       Comprehension

·       Interpersonal Skills including Communication Skills

·       Logical Reasoning and Analytical Ability

·       Decision Making and Problem Solving

·       General Mental Ability

·       Basic Numeracy

·       English Language Comprehension


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